About us

To be financially fit is essentially achieving financial independence - a key pillar that allows us to achieve our goals. Be it buying our first house, planning for our children's education, saving for retirement - these are just some of the goals for which it is never too late to start planning early.

We believe we must look after our financial fitness through a proper regimen of regular savings, proper planning and disciplined investing just as well as we look after our physical and mental health.

With over 50 successful years in the industry, our team of mutual fund distributor have gained significant cutting edge insights in mutual fund investment, insurance and taxes. We will work with you - at absolutely no cost - in identifying your risk profile and help you achieve your goals. We will customize your portfolio based on your needs and requirements and are available to answer any questions you may have any time of the day.

Our free online investing portal helps you invest in customized mutual fund portfolios at no cost and in an easy and transparent manner. Your personalized templates are delivered regularly to your mail and help you keep track the growth of your investment portfolio.

We wanted to leave you with a quote that has helped us immensely in achieving our financial fitness: